Pocket Guides

Cancer is a complex journey that impacts several areas of a person’s life. Our resources explore evidence-based practices that help support mind, body and spirit throughout the cancer journey.

Integrative Oncology Self-Care Guide

What follows is a summary of some basic behaviors shown to facilitate healing. They involve changes you can make in everyday life to feel and function better. Food, movement and social connection can be powerful medicine. Read on for more information to support healing.


Pocket Guide to Patient Advocacy In Cancer

Having cancer or any serious life-changing disease is overwhelming. At a time when you’re anxious and afraid, you are faced with navigating the complicated health care system to get the treatment you need. You and your family also face practical challenges, including paying for and getting to treatment. “Getting told you have cancer is like getting hit by a bus,” says cancer survivor Lou Lanza. It’s almost essential to have some that can help you get back on your feet. You don’t have to—and you shouldn’t try to—do this all on your own. A patient advocate can help make your cancer journey easier.


Cannabis and Cancer Pocket Guide

Cannabis is a plant (botanical) substance that can help relieve symptoms of cancer. Learn more about cannabis and its uses related to cancer.


Trying Mind-Body Medicine for Whole Person Cancer Care

Mind-body therapies can be great resources during and after cancer treatment and are safe for most people in most situations.


Supplements and Cancer Pocket Guide

This pocket guide discusses the good and bad impacts of supplements and how to work with your medical providers to meet the specific needs of your body.


Teens and New Adults Cancer Tool – My Treatment, My Life

Teens and new adults have a number of unique challenges during their cancer journey. This tool helps walk through topics that are vital in for those 15 to 22 years old. *View the black and white version or easy printing.