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The Healing Power of the Outdoors

I have long been a proponent of spending time in nature as part of an integrative health plan. Even a small amount of time spent outdoors can physically, mentally, and spiritually impact health positively. Especially during difficult times, stepping away from the computer, phone, or TV, and taking advantage of outside activities can benefit your […]

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How to Have a More Mindful Holiday Season

However you celebrated last year’s winter holidays, chances are good that you weren’t trying to avoid a global pandemic. Now, as you shop for gifts, get out your grandmother’s recipes or make plans for spiritual observance, current events might have you asking, “What’s the point?” But change gives us a chance to mix things up […]

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Managing Election Stress and Burnout

Prepare and take care during the campaign season Just when you think you have a handle on the craziness, along comes another presidential election. With the rancor of 2016’s race in mind, you may not be looking forward to another round, but here it is. In 2020, the circumstances of daily life are disrupted by […]

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