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Minding Your Microbiome

You only think you’re alone. In fact, your body – inside and out – is teeming with life. Each of us has approximately 1 trillion microorganisms in our bodies and on our skin. You spend each day as part of a giant community of other organisms, each with its own DNA.[i] Your body’s microbiomes Before […]

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You’re in Your 30s (or 40s) – Now What?

Taking care of your health as you mature Ahh, your 20s. Back then, you could eat what looked good, stay up all night, and indulge to your heart’s content. You bounced back faster, had plenty of energy, and wondered why older people complained about aches and pains. The 30s are a bit of a wake-up […]

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What Men Should Know About their Health

While June may be Men’s Health Month, men’s health is important all year long. Let’s talk about the top health issues men face and ways to prevent and treat problems. We talk about heart health, cancer risk, and an often-overlooked concern, mental health. Know your heart health Heart disease is the number one cause of […]

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Get Well and Stay Well Recap: Healing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Wow, doesn’t time fly? We’re already in June…and even though we’re only halfway through, what a year it has been already. Quick check-in: Have you been taking care of your health and well being? As our wonderful Facebook Live guest, Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer reminded us earlier this year, we’re living in uniquely challenging times. […]

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Journaling to Manage Stress

Did you ever keep a diary? The kind with a lock and key or a spiral notebook you kept under the mattress as a kid? When you think of journaling, you might think of recording your daily thoughts and deepest secrets. While that can be satisfying, there’s more than one way to journal. In this […]

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Chronic Pain Management post-COVID

This fall, we conducted an online survey with the Harris Poll to examine chronic pain management techniques and preferences, as well as to gain insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted pain and pain management.  What we found might surprise you.  Chronic pain affects more than half of Americans (56%). In fact, about 3 […]

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“Too Young” for Cancer? Finding Your Voice and Your Tribe

If you ever got separated from your parents in the store, you remember how it feels. Suddenly, everything around you is no longer familiar but strange and threatening. You look down one aisle, then another, searching for a face you recognize. The aisles have become an alien world. Instead of searching for your favorite toy […]

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Finding Spiritual Support When You Have Cancer

Dr. Jonas Hand on Heart

It seems like the cancer team addressed everything. Cancer stage, treatment options, side effects, what to eat and where to find a support group. Or did they? Cancer is not just a physical illness. It affects your mind and spirit, too. “What if … why did I get this? Did I cause it?” It also […]

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What to Eat When You Have Cancer

“Eat whatever you want.” “Eliminate sugar.” “Eat clean and detoxify.” “Keto cures!” As soon as we’re diagnosed with cancer, we’re constantly bombarded by messages about how to eat. From the grocery store checkout line to ads and recipes online, everyone seems to have an idea of what’s best for us. You know what you eat […]

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Can I Exercise with Cancer? Yes, and Here’s Why it’s a Good Idea

“You’re sick. You need to rest.” You’ve probably heard these words at least once. Whether a parent was telling you that no, you couldn’t go out and play if you stayed home sick from school, or you stayed home from work when you didn’t feel well, you may associate illness with the need for inactivity. […]

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