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Emerging Into Health After The Pandemic

Did you develop some less-than-healthy habits during the pandemic? Here’s how to shift back this spring and summer. Whether you were turning to food for comfort or just nibbling between video meetings and home-schooling sessions, you may be among those who let healthy eating habits slide in the past year.  An informal poll revealed some […]

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How to Have a More Mindful Holiday Season

However you celebrated last year’s winter holidays, chances are good that you weren’t trying to avoid a global pandemic. Now, as you shop for gifts, get out your grandmother’s recipes or make plans for spiritual observance, current events might have you asking, “What’s the point?” But change gives us a chance to mix things up […]

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How You Eat is as Important as What You Eat During COVID-19

Being healthy during a pandemic is more than about making good food choices. Sure, buying or ordering the right food during this unique crisis is an important element to maintaining your health—both mental and physical—but it is your relationship with food that is so crucial in the era of COVID. As with other relationships in […]

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