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The Healing Power of the Outdoors

I have long been a proponent of spending time in nature as part of an integrative health plan. Even a small amount of time spent outdoors can physically, mentally, and spiritually impact health positively. Especially during difficult times, stepping away from the computer, phone, or TV, and taking advantage of outside activities can benefit your […]

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3 Integrative Approaches to Effectively Treat Migraine Headaches

The past 10 months have been a headache and, in anticipation of the long, trying winter weeks ahead, we are focusing on the theme of “protection” and how patients, and providers, can remain healthy—mentally, socially, and, of course, physically.  As we’ve touched on several of those topics in the last few blog posts, we wanted […]

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7 Ways to Get Started in Integrative Primary Care

Integrative primary care is the coordinated delivery of evidence-based conventional medical care, complementary medicine and lifestyle medicine within a primary care practice. Incorporating integrative medicine into mainstream primary care practices enables providers to: Deliver higher quality care Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction Lower costs Reduce burnout. Here are 7 ways to add integrative primary care […]

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