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Emerging Into Health After The Pandemic

Did you develop some less-than-healthy habits during the pandemic? Here’s how to shift back this spring and summer. Whether you were turning to food for comfort or just nibbling between video meetings and home-schooling sessions, you may be among those who let healthy eating habits slide in the past year.  An informal poll revealed some […]

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Taking Care of Your Body and Your Mind

For millennia, the therapeutic encounter has remained largely the same: a person who had been functioning normally and without giving a thought to their health now notices that something is wrong—they don’t feel well. They seek someone to help. In various cultures and eras, this “practitioner” may have been called a shaman, a barber, a […]

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How Patients Can Be Empowered to Play an Active Role in Their Health

Our healthcare system is in flux. As we live longer and embrace changes in lifestyle and environment, we are also being overwhelmed by an increase in chronic disease diagnoses, and the expensive treatments that come with them. To keep up with these changes the fundamental approach of our healthcare system is beginning to move toward […]

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8 Evidence-based Integrative Approaches to Treating Depression

If your doctor, family, or friends tell you that you seem depressed, they might be right. Pain and depression often go hand in hand, with pain both a symptom and a cause of depression. That doesn’t mean the pain you feel isn’t real, or that it’s “all in your head.” In fact, headaches, body aches, […]

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