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Harness the Resiliency of Military Families When Moving

Lessons in the emotional and physical impacts of moving through the eyes of military families. May is Military Appreciation Month. Considering fewer than one-half of one percent of the population serves in the U.S. armed forces, it may not be a particularly notable month compared to others. However, those in the military dedicate their lives […]

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How Friendship Affects Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

The past couple of years have been hard on friendships. Maybe you can relate. Have you spent less time with friends in person? Felt pushed away by differences of opinion? Perhaps life simply got in the way when someone moved, took another job, or had a baby. Understanding friendship Research tells us that friendship supports […]

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How the Right Relationships Can Help You Heal

Your personal support system consists of a number of relationships. These include your family, friends, doctor, pastor, neighbors, coworkers, boss and many others. They can support you, or they can add to your stress and burdens. An optimal interpersonal environment is made up of more positive relationships than burdensome ones. Those that are healing in […]

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