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Your Doctor’s Role Goes Beyond Protecting You From Illnesses

We generally think of doctors as being there to protect us from illness. But your doctor is also there to protect you from practices or treatment plans that could be negligent or dangerous to your health. As you search for an integrative physician, the first step is to research doctors who incorporate the three pillars […]

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How One Doctor Helped Change the Way Patients Experience Primary Care

As a primary care provider in San Francisco’s Mission District for 32 years, Dr. Bodenheimer took care of low-income, mostly Latina patients. He did his best to make their lives better. But as the years passed, Dr. Bodenheimer realized that he hadn’t been doing a very good job helping his patients, especially those with chronic […]

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Recent Survey Finds Significant Gaps In Doctor-Patient Conversations

Americans define health in broad terms; wish doctors would talk to them about more than just physical health Many Americans experience a disconnect between how they personally define health and how they talk about their health with their doctors. Nearly half (45%) of U.S. adults who have a primary care physician (PCP) say they wish […]

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