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Three Healing Steps to Stop Pouring from an Empty Cup

Six months before her 40th birthday, my patient June began to feel the changes in her body. June noticed that she craved sweets more, had gained a few more pounds than she wanted and was more prone to injury and creaky bones. One weird night’s sleep would have her neck aching for a week. Rather […]

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The Power of Relationships As We Age

Are you 65 or older? If the answer is yes, then congratulations. You are part of the largest group of older Americans ever seen in our country. Indeed, 10,000 people turn 65 years old every day, and those aged 85 and older now make up the fastest growing demographic in the United States. To some, […]

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Widen Your Circle of Support to Be a Better Caregiver

You are a social being. Your relationships with others and your role within your community provide a sense of belonging, care, and support. And right now, when most of us are struggling to remain as social as we once were, often fighting to stave off loneliness, we need to make a real effort to connect […]

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If Love Hurts on Valentine’s Day, the Solution is Self-Care

Valentine’s Day has always been celebrated as the “most romantic day of the year”, but for caregivers that invest more time in others than they do themselves, it’s not only about sending flowers, chocolates, and a card to your significant other. During my recent visit to a pain clinic, I met with a group of women […]

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