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Journaling to Manage Stress

Did you ever keep a diary? The kind with a lock and key or a spiral notebook you kept under the mattress as a kid? When you think of journaling, you might think of recording your daily thoughts and deepest secrets. While that can be satisfying, there’s more than one way to journal. In this […]

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Managing Election Stress and Burnout

Prepare and take care during the campaign season Just when you think you have a handle on the craziness, along comes another presidential election. With the rancor of 2016’s race in mind, you may not be looking forward to another round, but here it is. In 2020, the circumstances of daily life are disrupted by […]

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Journaling is Your Safe Place to Face Your Trauma, Find Out Why

Journaling is a way of going on a retreat without leaving your home. It is a way to access and acknowledge past experiences that may be causing you pain and reintegrating them into your life so they become a part of you. It helps bring order to your deepest thoughts and fears and enables you […]

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