"Healing is a dynamic process of the whole person."

– Dr. Wayne Jonas


For more than 30 years, Dr. Wayne Jonas has studied the science of healing. Whether in the lab at NIH, in the field as an Army physician, or in practice at a civilian hospital, Dr. Jonas has spent his career investigating how to activate the body’s inherent healing capacity.

His intense curiosity drove him to explore healing traditions around the globe with the World Health Organization and seek best practices in the healer’s art. Later, while serving as the first Director of the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine, Dr. Jonas brought scientific scrutiny to these healing traditions and helped build the evidence base for therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. As a family physician, Dr. Jonas incorporated evidence-based healing practices to help his patients find non-pharmacological relief for chronic pain and stress.

A true pioneer in providing integrative health that is focused on prevention, wellness and optimal health, Dr. Jonas will, through stories from his military career, his scientific investigation and his personal practice as a family physician, inspire audiences of practitioners, patients or policy-makers to rethink their role in creating health and wellbeing.

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    Dr. Jonas Fast Facts

    • Integrative Health Expert, Family Physician, Researcher, and Author
    • Former Director NIH Office of Alternative Medicine
    • Former Director World Health Organization Center for Traditional Medicine
    • Former Director of Medical Research Fellowship at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
    • Retired Lt. Colonel United States Army Medical Corps
    • Practicing Family Physician at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Pain Clinic

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    Creating Whole Person Health in Your 50s


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